Contemporary Wildlife Art/Schiffer Publishing

Contemporary Wildlife Art/Schiffer Publishing
Contemporary Wildlife Art/Schiffer Publishing

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cecil the Lion. 2002-2015.

It is August 1, 2015 and the collective conscious of the world has been awakened and heard the roar of Cecil the Lion this week. His needless brutal suffering and illegal death by the hands of a dentist from Minnesota has transcended time and space. The human population seems to have reached a sudden new level of existence and understanding about animal welfare and we all take some solace for that one aspect of this tragedy. All the artists in the book and I want everyone to know our outrage and sadness over this needless and illegal murder of Cecil the Lion.
Out of respect for the life of Cecil the Lion, I have decided to select several book artists of the month that focus on large African wildlife art ("hunted" trophy animals in Africa). One of the measures of a great wildlife artist is that one feels their love, respect, and personal connection to the animal. And, as of next weekend, the artists in the book will be sharing recent African wildlife themed art works (not in the book) and discussing and commenting on wildlife issues. We invite all the artists in the world to join in this tribute and discussion at  . ‪#‎cecilthelion‬ ‪#‎wildlife‬ ‪#‎artists‬
Cecil the Lion 2002-2015.

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